Breeding evaluation of foals, mares and stallions of the Lipizzaner breed 2023

The most beautiful event for any breeder of the oldest cultural horse breed in the world is the birth of a Lipizzaner. Beautiful dark foals that carry the history of centuries of breeding and training horses grow into graceful animals and their touch takes us to heaven.

The centuries-long history of Lipizzaner breeding, from the selection of breeding stock, the expectation of offspring, the breeding of young horses and the training of adult animals to the highest levels of classical dressage, and the bond people have with their horses, has brought the tradition of Lipizzaner breeding to the UNESCO World List of Intangible Heritage. And when we think of intangible heritage, we think of practices, knowledge and feelings that are difficult to describe, but which require many years of living with and, above all, for horses. Today we are evaluating and selecting the next generation of horses. We register all the Lipizzaner foals, assess them on their exterior and expect the exceptional potential that the foals have to develop into proud, elegant horses that mark time and place with their nobility. And we are here to find the best for future generations.

The evaluation of young mares and candidates for breeding stallion is the most responsible work of the Association, as we are building the future of the almost half a millennium old breeding of the most beautiful horses. We try to build on the preservation of the classic mare and stallion lines with the usefulness of the horses in dressage and carriage driving, thus passing on the essence of useful, hard-working and friendly horses to new generations of horses.

This year’s breeding evaluation and breeding show took place on 16 September 2023 at the Centre of Equestrian Sport at Lopata near Celje. The mares with foals, the young mares for the studbook and the stallion for licensing were brought by breeders from all over Slovenia. In total, 26 mares with foals, a breeding stallion and 12 mares for the breeding herd were presented.

The judging jury was broadly composed, with all Slovenian LIF judges taking part, except that they stuck to the principle that whoever has a horse in a category does not judge that category. The judges were: Klemen Turk, ZRLS Head of breeding comeete, Janez Rus and Peter Slavič from Studfarm Lipica, Nataša Gorišek from the Veterinary Faculty, and Damir Jakšić from Studfarm Lipik. ZRLS was represented by Matjaž Hlebš, Jana Jašović Memon, Nina Peternel, Milojko Strajnar, Primož Tanko and Barbara Turk.

The evaluation started with the female foals. The breeders presented 10 foals and the best evaluated were Monteaura, born 30 May 2023 by sire 388 C. Allegra XLVI and dam 585 Monteaura XXI of breeder Janez Peternel with 38 points. Betalka by the same breeder, born 5 April 2023, was next with by sire 388 C. Allegra XLVI and dam 211 Betalka XXVII and won 37 points. The third place was shared between Capriola, born  11 April 2023 by sire 548 P. Famosa V and dam 518 Capriola XXXVII bred by Angelika Pristov and Gaeta, born 10 June 2023 sired by 5599 M. Mefiszto and dam 508 Gaeta XX bred by Alexander Ozmec, both fillies with 35 points.

The best of the 16 male foals were Conversano Barbana, born  on 14 May 2023 by dam 576 Barbana VII and sire 388 C. Allegra XLVI and  Pluto Trompeta, born on  29 June 2023 by mother 556 Trompeta XVIII and father 548 P. Famosa V. Both were from the breeding of Janez Peternel and were awarded 38 points. Maestoso Famosa, born 26. May 2023, was the third place winner, sired by  426 M. Gratiosa II  and dam 676 Famosa XVI bred by Milojko Strajnar and Conversano Thais, born 19 April 2023, sired by 388 C. Allegra XLVI 715  and dam Thais IV bred by Janez Peternel, also with 38 points and another third place.

The young mares were then evaluated for their appearance for entry into the studbook. A total of 12 mares were evaluated and the best mares were 135 Barbana XVI, born on 18 April 2019, sired by 388 C. Allegra XLVI and dam 243 Barbana III, breeder and owner Janez Peternel. Second place went to 204 Strana XVIII, born on 9 Februar 2020 to mother 484 Strana IV and father 397 P. Betalka XXIV, bred by Andrej Hosta and owned by Andrej Marc, who scored 74 points. In third place with 73 points was 145 Famosa X, born in 5 June 2019, sired by 397 P. Betalka XXIV  and dam 353 Famosa IV, breeder and owner Angelika Pristov.

The Breeding Committee continued with the licensing of the stallion brought to the judging. Unfortunately 535 Neapolitano Liza XXXVII-1 did not score enough points to be certified as a breeding stalion.

After the judging was completed, the President Aleksander Ozmec addressed all the participants and, with the participation of the sponsors, awarded ribbons and practical prizes to the best judged horses. In his speech he pointed out that sponsors, breeders, volunteers and judges not only help in a concrete way with work or material support, but above all support in the preservation of Lipizzaner breeding, in the preservation of part of the Slovenian identity and living cultural heritage.

September 2023 ZRLS – PRO

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