An inseparable pair

Many visitors gathered again in Dutovlje for the 51st traditional Teran and Prosciutto Festival, where every year they prove that the noble Karst drop and cured meat products are an inseparable pair. This holiday is the oldest ethnological event in the Karst, interesting for visitors from Slovenia and abroad. Organized by the municipality of Sežana and the Regional Development Agency of the Kras and Brkinov, the holiday began with culinary events, followed by presentations of selected sparkling wines, guided tastings of autochthonous wines of the Karst with a musical performance and many smaller events, and ended with the climax of the week-long event – a procession of groups and wagons and announcement of the results of the evaluation of teranos and awarding of awards to the best winemakers. Pršutarna Šepulje, Lokev and Ščuka Kobjeglava, Kobilarna Lipica, Boris Pahor’s room, Koseve’s memorial room, Sežana’s botanical garden and Mitski Park in Rodik also opened their doors. There was also a guided hike along Terano’s circular route.

The central event on Sunday was the procession that wound its way through the town of Dutovlje to the event venue. The procession consisted of the majorettes of the KD Franc Žiberna from Povir to the sounds of the Karst brass band, the Lipiška coach with coachman Mark Memon, wine queens, old-timers, members of the KD Kraški šopek in traditional Karst costumes and members of the Slovenian Krašk sheep club. On behalf of the Association of Lipizzaner Breeders of Slovenia, the Victoria carriage with coachman Rajko Sinjur was also presented. The leader of the procession said the following:

˝ The 120-year-old and restored Victoria carriage is driven by an 11-year-old Lipizzaner Slavina IX or Romida. The coachman is Rajko Sinjur from the Rogac farm in Temenice in Dolenjska. This Victoria carriage has a valuable museum value, but at Rogačev kmetija it is used for driving newlyweds and for special occasions. At Rogačeva kmetija, they breed Lipizzaner dogs and raise livestock. With more than 10 years of effort, they achieved top breeding achievements. Today we present to you the best-rated mare as a foal in her generation and the best-rated mare in the test of working ability under saddle and in harness in 2016. Romida is a great pride of the farm. ˝

The procession also showed the mowing of the Karst in the past and the transportation of hay on lojtrnica, the old custom of harvesting and working with ox carts. The event ended with live music.