History of the association

The establishment of the Lipizzaners Association of Slovenia in 1991 was the motive for the organized breeding of pure-bred Lipizzaner in Slovenia.

The interests of private breeders, until then unorganized, was then merged and joined in the professional association today, sadly, the late Rajko Vojtkovszky, who served as president for fifteen years. At the time of the professional organization and registration of the Association, prof. dr. Jože Jurkovič and the then director of the Lipica Stud Farm, Mr. Andrej Franetič. In 1991, the Association became a full member of the International Lipizzaners Association (LIF), and a year later it was officially registered in the new state of Slovenia. At the time of the establishment, 38 breeders, who owned 170 Lipizzaners, included 41 breeding mares. With the adoption of the statute and breeding rules, the breeding program of the Slovenian Lipizzaner began in the Association

By supplementing the breeding rules and further professional work of the Breeding Commission of the Association, together with an external member of the National Professional Service in the Horse, Mag. The Slovenian Lipizzaner’s cultivation was even more planned by Janez Rus. Good cooperation with the Lipica Stud Farm, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, the Republic Expert Service in the Horse and the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, and the professional organization of the Association have helped the Association to gain the status of a society in the public interest in 2000.

The association brings together breeders and horse lovers of the Lipizzaner breed in an effort to survive, further develop and popularize this breed of horses. In accordance with the provisions of Article 87 of the Livestock Breeding Act, the ZRLS, on the basis of a decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, dated 16 November 2006, acquired the status of a recognized breeders organization.