On Saturday, May 6th 2023, riders and horse carriages gathered at 8:00 am at Grabnar Inn (Pri Johanu) in Radohova vas, where we also had breakfast. We were joined by members of neighboring associations: Friends of Horses Society Višnja Gora, KD Suha Krajina, TKD Krtina, KD Bloke, KD Barje, and Tapetnikove Conscripts. As members of the Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeders Association, we from the Rogačeva farm participated in the hike with our Lipizzaner horses. After breakfast, we set off on the hike with our horses. Our first stop was in Breg pri Dobu, where we were kindly hosted by Miha Omahen. We then continued through Dob, where we stopped at the KD Radohova vas member Štefan Bregar’s place. After the hospitality, we proceeded past Mali Pec. There was no shortage of good spirits along the way, as drinks were well taken care of. The trail led us to Lučarjev kal, where we enjoyed a good snack at the Grča Tourist Society cabin. After satisfying our hunger, we watered the horses and took a little rest in the pleasant shade of the forest. We also admired the beautifully restored 100-year-old beehive of local beekeeper Peter, who explained the importance of beekeeping to us. After the snack and rest, our journey took us through Hrastov dol towards Trnovica. Here we stopped at NiceRanch, where Katja Zrimšek treated us to drinks and strudel. We continued our journey through Sad and Podboršt, then through Bogo vas and Pokojnica. We arrived at the village of Cesta, where we stopped at Omahen Homestead. Here, our intention was to remember deceased member Alojz Omahen, who passed away in December 2020 during the pandemic, and due to the circumstances and severe restrictions at that time, a funeral session could not be held. Until he was affected by illness, he participated in all association activities with Haflingers. We honored his memory with a brief address by the president of the association, Davorin Tomažin, and himself, and paid tribute to all deceased equestrians with a minute of silence. The hosts kindly treated us to drinks, cold cuts, and pastries. The atmosphere during the hike was very pleasant, as we were accompanied by the sound of two accordions. We then continued our journey back to Radohova vas, where we also concluded the hike. To ensure we didn’t leave hungry, Grabnar Inn treated us to goulash. The hike was well-organized and executed, and the weather blessed us with sunshine throughout the day. We, the tired horses and riders, parted ways in good spirits and with beautiful memories, hoping for many more hikes and gatherings.